How to choose mom’s clothes at a wedding?

Marriage of a daughter is not only the most important thing in her own life, but also a very important thing for every mother. Every mother is married to her daughter. When she is a mother, she will rack her brains to wear what she wants to attend to her daughter ’s wedding, and what to wear at the wedding. It’s really not a simple thing. Going around, I always don’t know what kind of clothing is suitable. Here’s a collection of what the bride and Mother of the Bride Dresses should look like.

First, the choice of fabric

On the wedding day, you need to sit for a long time. For example, you need to sit in a car to go to the hotel. When you need to prepare for the ceremony after arriving at the hotel, both parents of the new couple must sit down. Therefore, the material of the clothes is very important. If you choose fabrics such as silk, cotton, linen, etc., presumably the end of the link, the clothes are already very wrinkled. Therefore, dress fabrics need to be carefully studied!

Second, color matching

For wedding parents, the middle-aged people’s skin color is already a bit red, so in the current, you should avoid red, such as red, pink, orange … Instead, choose some blue and purple clothing more suitable for middle-aged people. Temperament. The cold color system usually brings people a noble and elegant feeling. As a newcomer’s mother, such an aura is also necessary!

Wedding dress, the most susceptible color is ivory, so it is easy to be misunderstood that you are a bride. If you really want to wear a nude-colored dress, then it is better to use a flesh-colored knitted fabric instead, and it is best to wear a patterned top or skirt.

Bright colors are naturally indispensable for festive days. If you really like bright and colorful clothing, you also need to prepare a plain coat for yourself, so as not to be too tacky. Color balance is very important!

Third, choose according to the mother’s figure

Understanding your mother’s body is also important when helping her choose clothing. Different body shapes, under the background of appropriate clothing, can glow with youth. If you choose incorrectly, it is likely to have the opposite effect.

Thin body

You can choose a simple and elegant evening dress, the style should not be too exposed, the fit and waist cut can outline the figure. The folds on the chest and shoulders can make you look fuller, and the narrow skirt can set off the lines of the legs.

Body Round

You can choose some long skirts with narrow tops and wide bottoms. The high waist style can correct the shortcomings of the figure. Wearing accessories such as necklaces and bracelets can effectively distract others from your figure.

Tall and sturdy

You can choose a dress that is over the knee, with seven-quarter sleeves and five-quarter sleeves to cover the weight of the arms, and a pair of gold or nude half-heeled leather shoes can show leg length.

Fourth, the matching of jewelry Of course, the matching of jewelry is as far as possible consistent with the style of clothing.

For example, if the clothes are collarless, you can pair them with necklaces, and if they are short-sleeved dresses, you can wear jewelry such as bracelets as decoration.

Shoes and dresses can be matched in the same color. But because the mother has to deal with a busy day of walking, it is best to have half-heeled shoes. The style of the shoes should not be too casual. The fishbill style is more suitable for mothers who pursue a solemn and decent image than the open-toed shoes with thin straps.

In terms of color, black and beige are more suitable. Elegant nude high-heeled shoes can be used with any clothing, but still have to choose according to the color of the clothing. Handbags On the day of the wedding, a handbag must be prepared for the mother. One is to match the clothes, and the other is to give gifts between relatives directly in the mother’s handbag.

Five, perfect makeup is a plus
Mother’s makeup, remember to communicate with the makeup artist in advance. Don’t forget to make a beautiful shape for your mother in the morning! This will complement the beauty of the dress!